Play Each Hand

Art of Seduction Radio Show

Seduction by Steve K.

~After The Pointer Sisters

Let those fingertips dip.
Sway above the curvy mountains.
Drift your vessel before it lands.
Tease me with those touch downs;
I crave a lover with slow hands.

Sheepskin blanket.
Logs enough to stoke a fire.
You’ve got fuel for an all-night desire.
When the flame burns bright,
I need a partner that takes time to admire.

Slide into home plate,
slower than a drop of sweat.
Pampered flesh takes time to pet.
To knock it out my park,
explore the entire parapet.

The sky lit the match,
but I can see we have that spark.
The patient archer hits his mark,
waits for panting winds to hush
with fingertips that gently torque.

The cards have all been dealt.
The spread has been fanned.
Your ship will reach port,
whether or not it is manned;
I need a man who plays each hand.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


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