Her Hair Will Blow Freely in the Wind

Love to those
lawbreaker flyaway locks
with nothing to lose,
a generation
ripping their head scarves off.
Women willing to die
to have a life worth living,
sick of forced humility,
wisp-of-hair felonies,
dictators, and ancient laws.

Come, let’s stand and applause
unruly criminal curls,
the flaky Hijab burning.
The brave bob and her overdue cause.
A never-before-seen collar bone cut
screams, “This is enough!”
No more reeducation!”
Her exposed crown above reproach,
and even if it means jail time
and sleeping with the cockroaches.
No matter who she offends,
her hair will blow freely in the wind.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. Heartbreakingly brave. And of course those hijabs are to protect men from their sinful thoughts and actions, not the other way around. We should put the rich in jail for tempting the penniless to rob them, right????

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  2. A most inspiring post
    (Cat Stevens …
    an interesting choice.)

    From the safety
    of great distance
    witnessing the civil unrest
    even the martyrdom
    of those brave enough
    in the name of freedom
    to stand up again oppression
    In their place
    would Iran far away?
    Would I have a choice?

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    • I agree. Their story moves me to be braver in tackling the injustice that I see around me. Their struggle reminds me that freedom is really a matter of perspective, and sometimes it’s necessary to be open to change, even if it’s not our personal choice.

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    • Thank you, Tom. I agree as I almost missed it myself. I love when writing can also help fan a worthy flame. Thank you for this comment, Tom. May we all find ourselves free to have our hair, or lack there of, blow freely in the wind.

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