Sundown’s Showdown

Such a busy day here. But I thought I’d repost something from last August. Happy Wednesday!

Yard Sale of Thoughts

It was the last time they’d touch–
back to back, the earth and sky,
each one waiting
for the other’s pacing,
a chance to draw and die.
Sunset invades their characters,
endings and beginnings in a single step.

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    • Thank you, dear friend. It ended with a bag of rambutan, actually My favorite fruit that I recently blogged about. The gift was from an adult student of mine. Such a thoughtful gift, and it made me remember that what I am doing as a teacher is so important. What I am doing is changing the world.


  1. This was a gorgeous poem, K! You lift us to the stars with your charming verses that compliment each other so well – beautiful work as ever. 🙂


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