It’s Permanence That Petrifies Her

This Tuesday’s Petite Pen asks that you draw inspiration from the layered artwork of Suzanne Van Bebber. If her stony countenance inspires you, I’d love for you to join me in penning 50 words or less to her facade.

Happy Tuesday!

Horse-drawn carriage,
readied whip,
through the garden
swish of petticoat,
a high neckline among the hedges,
embroidered slippers on coarse pebbles
a corset flits by a fountain,
quiet colors.
Another female form disfigured by dust,
cracks that don’t crumble,
wiry frame immortalized in concrete
but it’s permanence that
petrifies her.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


    • Thank you kindly, Tom. I’m so appreciative of your feedback. It’s the statues (likely nude) in contrast with the women covered head to toe that took me in, as I contemplated this all in the garden.

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  1. I see two of me
    a mirror, and a step in between
    what once was, and yet again may be
    to feel more, think less
    and resist
    the underlying knowledge filling my head, instead
    in your love rest

    Your poem is awesome, as was this challenge. It’s been a while, and I always enjoy it much. Thank you for always creating this space, K. 💜

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    • The pauses in your poetry are breathtaking. This one is no exception. Thank you for writing with me. I know I don’t score high marks in consistency but I’m so grateful to you for writing alongside me. A perfect ending to my day. 💜

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