Tending to Make Peace

Fight Scene III study of two figures
Painting Eoin Llewellyn


prison of the unknown.

When you’ve never punched anyone.

Felt face turn to stone.

Pushed beyond flesh

 to find bone.

Never made someone’s vision

a temporary prism,

spinning cyclone.

When you’ve never settled a score.

Slammed fist through door.

Violence rumbles when ignored.

© 2022 | K.Hartless

d’Verse Poet’s Pub|Quadrille #160: Poems that Pack a Punch


  1. I’ve never been violent myself, but I’ve seen it, even watched someone punch a door – never again. You’ve really captured hard violence in the lines:
    ‘Felt face turn to stone.
    Pushed beyond flesh
    to find bone.’
    Scary stuff.

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  2. This reminds me that all emotion needs expression, and how we express it does matter. It also reminds me of a class in school where someone made the argument that all conflict in relationships is bad. I disagreed, as conflict when in any kind of relationship is unavoidable, it’s how we communicate that matters. Anger is similar, to deny it, is to deny our own humanity. Excellent piece, K. The cadence of the words is brilliant. 💜


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