Before Next Spring

You left at dusk.

Perfect timing for a Scarlet O’Hara moment to take place near the garden we’d weeded together. After lying for years, cheating on me, stealing my heart, and killing my faith in humanity, you finally found the courage to say goodbye.

And as the sky caught fire, I found myself kneeling in the dirt, an inch worm on hands and knees, tears watering the withered bed.

Standing, I raised a fist of soil into the air and made a vow:

“I’m not gonna let your callous ways lick me. As God is my witness, I’ll never plant poppies again.” Red was your favorite, so this made perfect sense.

Instead, I’d plant something platonic, like yellow chrysanthemums. I’d like, too, to plant the sweet alyssum that smells like honey and peace if I could find something to believe in before next spring.

© 2022 | K.Hartless

dVerse~Poet’s Pub|Prosery: When it comes to Katherine Riegel

144 words using:

“I’d like, too, to plant the sweet alyssum that smells like honey and peace.” from the poem, “What I would like to grow in my Garden.”


  1. Oh this is so evocative! The hurt, the betrayal and the tears that follow hit home and bring back so many memories of yesteryear. Yes, yellow chrysanthemums it is, then. Thank you so much for adding your voice to the prompt 💘💘

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  2. A very vivid scene full of imagery and emotion. I liked the visual of the sky catching fire and “an inch worm on hands and knees, tears watering the withered bed.” Good riddance, red poppies.

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  3. This is fine, a little sad. Perhaps partly because we have secretly wanted to do that ourselves? “Scarlet O’Hara moment?” Could that be of the C Gable, “Quite frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn” variety?
    I saw some pretty yellow flowers in our lane divider going to the library tonight, tomorrow I will take a picture for blogging illustrations and for taking to our friend as she is a Master Gardner. They grew to be over six feet high.

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    • I’ll look forward to seeing those. Yes, of course this whole thing is a bit of a pun on that scene. Iconic. Here’s to more yellow flowerbeds and less dramatic goodbyes. Thanks for these comments.


  4. Wonderful imagery, K. I love the tone of this and the protagonist’s overwrought but also sort of amusing (except for the last line) declarations. I like this character. This could be part of a longer piece. I would read it!

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    • Indeed. Thank you. Sorry for my delay. Do you know when you mean to circle back to something and then it somehow falls off the radar? Well, a bit of that happening around here lately. I appreciate your thoughtful comment, as always.


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