Candlelight is Cure

This poem was written for the Art of Seduction Radio Show entitled Pieces of You. Enjoy!

Artwork by Galya Bukova

Candlelight is cure.
Curtains drawn, wick firm,
scratch of match, sulfurous burn
to diffuse our disagreement.
Dark anger softened by
a halo glow,
a forever single flame.

A bellydancer
whose unpredictable sways
spark warmth,
bifurcates our fused pain,
and when the wax softens,
a smoky slouch,
you ask from the couch,
“Shall I?”
I move closer and reply,
“You must.”
And with one breath,
one exhaled thrust,
all that is combustible,

The frail flame forks
two smoky silhouettes,
eyes closed in confidence.
Ailments alleviated,
we return home
to each other’s lips.
Pulse restored by trust.

The remedy was the torch
and the torch was lust.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


    • Many thanks, Joni. I think we forget it’s the little things like quality time together and low lighting that can do wonders for our relationships, or at least they have for mine. Here’s to a weekend to unwind. 🦋💜


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