This poem was crafted for a contest asking writers to describe a surprisingly delicious food. If you have such a food in mind, please share it in a comment below. I love to try new things.

Rambutan, Rambutan,
my hairiest companion.

I take my time to pet your spines
before I delicately bisect
your leathery midsection
to unveil soft flesh,
blemish-less complexion.
Safe from harm, a sheltered drupe,
lick-able and cool.
I sink my teeth into creaminess,
suck your surface smooth,
careful to avoid
the hallucinatory spore
that forms your core.

The subtle flavor of your fruit
leaves me wanting more.
Oh Rambutan,
it’s you that I adore.


  1. I had never seen one of those! They look like lychees in a fancier frock. ‘Rambutan, Rambutan, my hairiest companion’ – that’s quite an opening line! You had me hooked! Thanks for introducing me to these hairy companions…

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