Recycling Day

Today’s petite pen is inspired by a recycled poem that I wrote eight years ago and have now paired with a painting by Toni Tiu called “Recycling Day.” If your empties have something more to say, please feel free to join me in writing a bit of brevity, 130 words or less and feel free to up-cycle a previous work.

Happy Tuesday!

“Recycling Day” by Toni Tiu

Recycling Day

A milk carton

barrels through the streets,

tumbling on itself,

a drunkard’s feat.

Celebrate its roll,

a clanging bell.

Farm the freedom

of the day.

Buttery containers

slide behind,

taking the wind’s push,

freed by the absence

of lips or legs.

While foam inserts

chafe the earth,

then rest in my yard;

a surfboard for ants

in a sea

of wavy grass.

Cereal boxes

lead the parade.

Flattened squares,

twirling like

high school color guards

with sloppy pep.

While the plastic bags

breeze along,

letting the wind make their

brown skin glisten,

effortless grace.

Then, metal can:

the main event,

jacketed in silver,

clangs loudly

a stunt man;

reckless and unafraid.

Recycling day,

we pile the parade,

while the wind

carries our efforts away.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. a box, and a bone
    contemplated on the road
    a destination unknown
    empty spaces within
    to manifestations, trim
    like the bin
    while oft out of line
    they never ever go unfulfilled, in time or rhyme

    Alrighty that’s my contribution this week. Your poem is awesome, and made me chuckle heartily with reminiscence. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bravo. I love how you take us in the journey of the items and it reminds me how they will have new life. Thank you so much for writing alongside me. Your piece has such great purpose which reminds me how all small things count. 💜

      Liked by 1 person

    • Many thanks, ECM. 😁Writing is sort of like getting things off my chest (that sounds so cliche.) it’s also what I do for fun when I have time. I let myself be inspired by the world around me, art, music. The well never runs dry. But it’s good to hear that it’s not half-bad. 💜

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