Weekend Work

Is it mother guilt 
that has me folding clothes
on a static Saturday night?
Wrinkles are frowns of disapproval;
the after-hours
turned inside out,
and it’s my job to sort all
the household’s undergarments out,
but the whole moment
shrinks the ego;
gives me starchy fright.
A life of crisp corners,
stiff-collared bore.
Motherhood is a lifelong chore.
Illustration by Karlotta Freier


  1. Very poignant message with some great descriptions here – ‘Wrinkles are frowns of disapproval’, ‘A life of crisp corners, / stiff collared bore.’ Beautifully penned, K! 🙂

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  2. Laundry will definitely shrink the ego. 😅 I love the light you are shining here, both by honoring motherhood, and also by relating, to me at least, that any growth process requires the ego to stand aside, and in many ways become a smaller aspect of our true self. Lovely write, K.

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    • Thank you, Jeff. You articulate a lot of what things are like a the moment. Caring for the family is important but my heart wants to spend more time writing, even when it’s not possible. 💜Thank you for connecting with me and this bit of brevity.


    • Thank you, Joni. I think it’s when the tasks are all stacked that o start to feel this wa y. When the writing time gets squeezed out and I’m stuck writing verse in my head while cleaning. 🧹✨💜

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      • Our children are such a gift. I believe at least for me that responsibility was my greatest human responsibility. I was a worry wart though. I am sure you are a great mom. Big hugs to you. 🦋❤️🦋


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