Courageous Cruisers

This week’s Petite Pen will have you daydreaming of a vacation somewhere tropical and warm. If you’re ready for an adventure, join me in in crafting a bit of paradise 30 words or less to the painting by Julia Rigby. Be sure to ping back here so everyone can enjoy it. (It’s the week before classes start here, and I’ve been terrible about keeping track of everybody’s wonderful blogs. Please accept my apologies. My mind is definitely wishing it was still on vacation).

Happy Tuesday!

Courageous Cruisers

Ornamental vessels
sail the aquamarine,
roam temperate zones,
age graciously.

Celadon travelers
seek shelter
in a perfume bay,
floral and sweet.
The captain trumpets
their arrival
to the Florida Keys.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


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