Today, I completed my first manuscript. It’s a novel I’ve carried around with me for a decade, and I can say with complete satisfaction that I put my whole heart into it.

I am so proud to have achieved this life goal, and in writing Fascination, I have pursued one of my ongoing desires, which is to change the world for the better. So, tonight, I will leave you with the song that started it all, and get back to patting myself on the back, as it really feels quiet nice.

Since I am printing a few beta copies, I mocked up a cover (don’t judge me as I am no graphic artist).

Thank you for supporting me in this journey and boosting my confidence with all of your kind words, which have kept me going strong in many a writing session.

I can’t believe it’s done!


  1. Well done. Give yourself a quick pat on the back but be aware that there’s further to go. A reasonable endpoint here would be seeing it on bookshelves, right? *That’s* when you’re done. This is a milestone, but not the end.

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    • True. I think for me, I’ve done that full effort piece. I know we’ve talked before about when I would be done, and I’m definitely ready to do more work to get it published, but it does feel done, you know. For the first time, it is a novel. And well, you’ve been a big help the whole way. So thank you, and also thanks for any input still to come.

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      • Remember there are thousands of people walking around with unpublished manuscripts in their briefcase. Make sure you’re not one of them.
        There’s always farther to go. That’s one of the things I learned.

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      • There are? Do they keep them in their underwear? Or under their hats, maybe? 😂 I thought I could just move on to the next crazy idea. Ah well, I think this next part will work out somehow, don’t you? And someday we’ll be sitting at the premier to the film version, although I warn you, it might now have a very large production budget.

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    • Thank you, dear friend. That’s so kind of you to say. I am excited and relieved. There were times in the process that I doubted it would ever be complete. I planned it to coincide with my return to school, though, and so now I’m busy preparing a new classroom for my older reading students. I get butterflies every year. 💜😁


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