Way More than Cool

Wasn’t his type:
lipstick, pierced ears, cool chic
looking for a light.

Too pure to be pink, underripe.

Not Drive-In worthy,
rockin’ and rollin’,
dirty Hand Jive
under the dock,
staying alive
past 10 o’clock.

A sugar-coated,
hopelessly devoted
way more than cool.

whimsygizmo is host for tonight’s Quadrille #157 – What’s your type?  A 44-word poem featuring the word “type” and also the late, great Olivia Newton John.


  1. When I was little I watched my sister’s Greece VHS (Mostly The end race scene) on repeat until the tape broke. But it wasn’t until I first heard the song, “Have You Never Been Mellow?” just a few years ago that I became a full-blown, albeit mostly closeted😄 ONJ fan… She is indeed way beyond cool👏

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  2. I was sad to read about her today. She has struggled in the years with her health. In the movie he wasn’t her type but, in the end they were together. Of course now I have the soundtrack playing in my head.

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  3. I haven’t seen the film but I know some of the songs. That line,’You’re the one that I want’ makes me think of my gran. That’s what she told my grandad. She was nothing like ONJ. Thanks for reminding me of that 🙂

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