It’s Never too Late to Taco

This piece was crafted for the 100 Word Story Photo Prompt below. Let me know if I got some giggles with these 100 words.

Happy Sunday!

Art Credit: Yazz Atlas

I read the menu for a second time, but it’s all gibberish: tamarindo, tamale, taco, torta, so many of the foods start with “t” I wonder how anybody tells them apart. Eighty-eight years in Henrico county, and I’ve never once had a Hispanic happy meal. 

“Ready?” Olive skin glistens in the bald afternoon heat.

“Don’t rightly know. What do you recommend?”


Pupusas, yes something that doesn’t begin with “T” and I order one, hoping no real pups arrive.

“With frijoles, chorizo, pork or cheese?” 

Two out of four of those are English. Well, I hope dollars will be accepted.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


      1. Oh no, this isn’t Instagram which pounces on you at every chance. Jerks! I am going to try contacting another “WordPress Happiness Engineer” and ask again what is going on. The last person had no clue!

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      1. We enjoyed burritos a few weeks ago. First time for a few years. I used to make them – heavy on the chorizo – but not since…
        I remember lots of Tex Mex in the US – my first encounter with jalapenos! Not very common in the UK but we get more “world food” now.

        Hundreds are a great challenge, arent they. Every single word has to fight for its place. Feels like limbering up before a race.

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      2. Yes. We had an amazing taco dinner (authentic Mexican) this evening. A ghost kitchen. Have you heard of those? You kk da have to know it’s there and ask for this special menu. Anyways, best in a long time and it’s all because of this post.


  1. I definitely got a laugh! I admit the locals here in San Diego get a kick out of hearing the tourists try to pronounce all of our Spanish words, the food, suburbs, streets, and even Siri messes it up pretty bad sometimes! 😂

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    1. Yay! Yes, Siri can be the worst. I missed Hispanic foods when I lived in Germany, they just never nailed it, so we have been enjoying the authentic taco places since returning. 😁


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