Blackberries by the Beach

This week’s petite pen in picked fresh from AllPoetry. 30 Words or less to this vibrant painting by Julia Rigby. If the scene gets your salivary glands going, feel free to join me in penning your own sweet morsel to share. If you post it to your own blog, be sure to ping it back here and tag it #petitepen so we can all enjoy it.

Happy Tuesday!

“Late Summer Brambles”Julia Rigby

Blackberries by the Beach

Blackberries by the beach.
Thistles and whistling wind.
Bitter sweet pop
of wave on rock
calls open; let me in.
Juicy days are perishable
though they seem to never end.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. Gorgeous painting, gorgeous words. I adore that petite pen, K. Let’s see…

    dark tides rely
    upon that which is found

    the presence of your skin

    of days spent along the coast

    where two hearts will remain forevermore

    Fun. Wishing you continued wellness in your adventuring, my friend. 💜

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  2. Can’t wait to start picking blackberries! Your Petite Pen captures the experience in the image perfectly, K.

    A curl of mint to cleanse the mouth,
    A smear of vanilla to sweeten the spoon,
    And a tumble of blackberries to sharpen the senses.

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