Rising Stars

Image from Star Tribune

Above me, green pom-poms rustle in the trees like the ones my sister held above the artificial turf at our high school games. Legs pale blades on a windmill kicking high with shiny soles on the ends. I was the ogre under the bleachers back then, hell, maybe I still am. The sky beyond the stadium lights, one big black eye boxed between metal seats. This was back when the stench of a stranger’ sweaty leg was all part of the game.

“Sure, I’ll take another drag,” I responded to someone I can’t remember, pinched and inhale as deeply as I could that little bit of pollution, held it until the runner on the field was tackled to the pelting applause overhead like the cracking of helmets. Maybe there was brightness up there at one point, but I couldn’t see it through the cracks. I was never that good at the game.

After each big hit

Treetops cheer for the home team

Search for rising stars

© 2022 | K.Hartless

This piece was written for Haibun Monday: Look Up! hosted by  merrildsmith. Join us.


      • Stars just do what they have to do. We ‘expect’ and ‘demand’ and ultimately, we make ourselves unhappy.
        I’m sorry, I’ve not had much time to participate and now WP is punishing me. If I didn’t ‘like’ your post it’s because WP wouldn’t let me. I can’t leave comments on some blogs. Too hot to worry about it though 🙂


  1. Oh those adolescent years I don’t miss! A wonderful write. I especially like the haiku.
    I don’t think I ever went to a single high school football game (well, I went to one when child was in marching band). 🙂


  2. I know little about American football. What little I’ve learnt comes from shows like Friday Night Lights. But like any other sport, I guess people are religious in their devotion. Here, it’s cricket. It would be cool, methinks to take a hit under the bleachers though! I enjoyed this haibun. It has a sense of rebellion running through it.


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