Jukebox Friday

Scorching hot here today, so come by the jukebox for a cool mix to get you in the mood for a summer groove.

Happy Friday!

“Dancing to the Water Jukebox” by Anita Rodriguez. Used with her permission.
Visit her on facebook.

Heads or tails,

the record never fails

to spin out of control,

so let loose the change.

Let’s do the damn thang!

Downtown hot spot

how we love the summer green,

edge of seventeen,

constantly being led astray,

tequila sunrise haze.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel

if you stay on track.

Think you know something they don’t then

heat stroke, heart attack.

It’s bad bitch o’clock,


and if that doesn’t kill us,

summer in the city will.

July is a dirty, sweaty

tourist acting flirty

lookin’ to get her fill.


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