Dead to the World

This week’s petite pen was awakened by the spooky paintings of Welder Wings. If you need some spine-tingling inspiration, be sure to give this artists works a brave viewing. I was working on a longer poem for this painting titled, “Ossuary,” but it sort of landed in a 50 words or less category. If what’s below this nun’s habit inspires your pen, please share your brevity. Feel free to add it in a comment below or if you post it on your blog, do be sure to ping it back here.

Happy Tuesday!

Dead to the World

Beneath the habit

of the Cannoness,

a pair of unlit candlesticks,

barren shelves of poverty,

and the thick skulls

of infidels.

Unabsolved confessions

echo off abbey walls.

In pious charity,

a witness to poverty,

oblate to obedience,

she takes simple vows,

keeps the

liturgy of hours.

Dead to the world.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. Light and dark
    a shadowed world
    in between, seen and unseen
    Making up the body, and
    a sense of responsibility
    Is it for you and me?
    only for those in the know
    of particular sensibilities

    Loved your petite pen, K. 💜


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