A Trusted Tune

“The Kiss” Alejandro Pasquale

A Trusted Tune

Drink from the freshest blossoms
ye ancient warriors returned
to beat rhythmic war drum wings
and hover by youth’s honeyed lips,
whispering arcane wisdom
‘tween tetrachromatic kisses.

Float free of time, talismans
of potent, fertile weaponry.
Trill in fierce competition,
footless, flapping invasion,
tongues, nectar traps blossoming
‘fore the delicate penetration.

Carry our hopes and wishes
skyward with swift heartbeats.
Flap in the higher frequencies
stain glass gems, hovering,
soaked in aurous sunlight,
intimately out of reach.

Savor our most secret thoughts,
in meditative torpors stilled,
nested snug in spiders’ silk,
self-control, but rapid tastes
with erect swords of famed folklore,
fantasy, and prickled fates.

© 2022 | K.Hartless

I wrote this poem a while back for an Ekphrasis Contest involving the artwork of Argentinian Alejandro Pasquale. I find hummingbirds to be astonishing creatures. Many of their most interesting traits and folklore are rolled into this verse, so I hope I’ve captured at least a bit of the awe that I have for the animal and also the artist. If you have suggestions on how to improve the voice or phrasing of this poem, I would be most appreciative of any and all feedback.


  1. As I read this, I imagined seeing into the past when warriors fought with swords and axes in brutal wars. Another time and place. The art is beautiful. ❤️

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    • Yes, hummingbirds were believed by some ancient cultures to be warriors returned. They sure have the fight in them. Yes, this artist has a lot of great paintings. Thank you, John.💜


    • Oh, how wonderful. Dragonflies, now I haven’t explored them as much, but the hummingbird is actually believed to pre-date humans. Their vision is also greater, and I wonder, what do the flowers look like to these special birds?

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    • Thank you kindly, Joni. 💜😀I learned a lot about hummingbirds crafting this piece. I was most interested in the legends surrounding them. They seem to have a magical appeal.


  2. I think the flow works wonderfully, and also provides the reader with other threaded connections to, for me, anyway, youth hood, vitality, resilience, and that first romantic love. Beautiful, K. 💜

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    • Oh, Thank you, Jeff. I think you’ve described the journey eloquently. I was drawn to the painting and how it depicts the blind blossoming of youth. Thank you for reading my poem, and I apologize for my delayed response as I was traveling again yesterday. 💜

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      • You’re most welcome, K. Ah, I’m happy to know my reflection resonated. Much fun. Oh, it’s okay, thank you for letting me know. Continued wishes for fun, relaxation, and creativity in your travels. 💜


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