The Joker and the Queen

Flashback Friday #72 asks listeners to take on an analogy, and I was reminded of this recent song by Ed Sheeran, “The Joker & The Queen,” which attempts to explain love using a card game analogy. Can the Joker marry the Queen? Sheeran’s shuffled in lots of card references to create a song that makes us question what makes a good pair? I’m curious, what are your thoughts?

Oh, and if you can think of another analogy in a song, please share it below.

Be sure to tune in to Songshine Sounds tomorrow for a new flashback track and prompt. Cheers!


  1. A good reflective and contemplative question. Though I don’t think there’s a single answer as to what makes a good pair, I do think open communication, and sharing our truth is important. It’s not the easiest way, yet when we can share our truth, and have difficult conversations, it creates the space of possibility. Happy weekend, K. 💜

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    • Wise analysis. 💜 I think the suits we wear sometimes segregate us and it is the spirit of a person that should be matched. Openness that comes for acceptance. A beautiful sentiment. Thank you so much for sharing, Jeff.

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