I’ve been enjoying the optical illusions at our local pool as I watch my children’s swim lessons and then the change in light when we return for evening dips. The reflections, the beveled surfaces, I hope you enjoy this poem paired with fractured light paintings by Michele Poirer-Mozzone including the cover art, “Bloom.” Enjoy!

Alliance (pastel) by Michele Poirer-Mozzone

Rectangular Summer Living

Rectangular summer living,
chlorinated waves contained,
sapphire with white diamond trim,
unnatural blue snowballs
dripped on freckled skin.
Horse fly desires,
the footprints of friends,
both disappear fast from
scalding concrete deck
splashed with memories
in folding chairs, behind
bent paperbacks, below
umbrella brimmed hats,
swaddled in sun-dried towels.

Fingertips wrinkle,
golden raisins in a sunglass haze.
Floating plastic buoys
divide the unused lanes,
dunk and dive,
disinfected surfaces,
pointless games;
the lost and found of
a plastic ring.
We bob and celebrate;
summer is forgiving
below a cellulite
blue and white surface,
our rectangular summer living.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


    • Thank you. I really appreciate your comments. I’m so glad I captured a bit of nostalgia in these images I’ve never been the most fantastic swimmer but i do enjoy the poolside view with my journal and pen. 😊

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    • Hi Tom, I somehow missed this wonderful comment early. Thank you. I, too, was impressed by her ability to capture the rippling pool and the reflections. Thank you for swimming by. 💜

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Jeff. I’m sorry I missed a whole string of comments, yours included. It’s fun to watch them gain their confidence as swimmers and the imaginative water games they create. It’s no substitute for being seaside, but well, yes. it is a nice, cool diversion.

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      • You’re welcome, K. Always. Ah, it’s okay, it happens to us all. I bet it is fun, and I’ll take water in any way, though, as you mention, the sea is best. Happy weekend, my friend.


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