American Life

This 4th of July weekend, I struggle with my own patriotism. Am I a respected member of this nation? I wanted to share some of my recent verses for the special occasion.


This weekend,

question the corny cobs,

grill the meatheads

high on homegrown, misogynistic courage.

Prayers mixed with mother’s potato salad.

Make fear the foreigner

so that when he arrives at your doorstep,

you do not recognize him.

Plea of Insanity

To plead insanity,

I need to hear voices,

stillbirth my bad choices.

Monumental marriages

dissolved into mud-throwing divorces.

Plead insanity to these lifetime appointments

sewn shut orifices

all stitched up,

we can’t sing the anthem

or even be in the chorus.

Supreme Syzygy

Each court case catastrophe

eclipses the other,

a syzygy of rigidity.

Two powerful father suns

and a cold mother moon,

aligned in strategy.

Supreme authority,

a conservative assault;

bow your heads in forced prayer

to the judicial occult.


  1. These were such beautifully-phrased and withering criticisms of the USA’s sorry state today. You’re absolutely right in tackling them head on & drawing attention to how far things have fallen. ❤ Plea of Insanity was a standout piece.

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  2. What a fabulous collection of poems! These lines burned out at me the most: “Make fear the foreigner
    so that when he arrives at your doorstep,
    you do not recognize him.” Powerful!

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    • Thank you, Jaya. I am going through it these past few weeks. I try to keep politics separate from my art most of the time, but it’s just not possible right now. I really appreciate your comments, friend.

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    • Thank you, Jeff. In the past, I’ve written about missing America or my hopes for the nation on this day, but this year, my verse was disbelief and heartache. I am so grateful for you encouragement and support. 💜

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      • You’re most welcome, K. Your feelings are completely understandable. It’s a scary time in this country right now. It’s my pleasure to support you, dear friend. Always. 💜


  3. I hope the next election. The women control the vote and I hope they remember. Get rid of the career politicians. The old fat men must be fired. Put in people, who have concern for human rights and women rights. I will research myself too, the people running for office. Dear K. Hartless. Time for us to unite.

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