Humid Haiku

June’s regular heat wave has been amplified by both infuriating current events and my personal heated conflicts. I think this odd batch of Haiku reflects these boiled-over emotions. Please let me know if one resonates with you.

“Summer Haiku” Johanna Riddle


  1. Nice work! The third from the top grabs me, it reminds me of the three divorces behind me. They are now like terrible storms or hurricanes receding from my view as time moves forward.

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      • There may be, K, but after three divorces I still haven’t found one. I fully admit to having my part in the problems but not responsible all of them… 😂 Haven’t even dated since 2016…

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      • Frankly, I have been far happier since 2016 and the last fiasco ended. Single life is a great life, but it can be lonely at times. A woman in my life again would be wonderful, but she has to understand that there will be no marriage, no access to my money either. my rules have built a fine wall, haven’t they? 😂


  2. “Dusk’s dream catcher trees
    cast a web of inkblot leaves
    to catch my next plot.” When I am under more stress and have more anxiety, I dream wildly, which your poem reminds me of. Reflecting upon my emotional state right now through your words is a gift. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us, K. 💜

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    • I keep a paper and pen by the bed but often what I scribble seems nonsensical later. I enjoy hearing about dreams, and now my children have fresh crops to share as well. Thanks for reading these, Jeff.

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      • Ah, yes, I completely understand. I don’t write much right after awakening, yet, as you and I have discussed, it always seems to drop in later, even while driving. It’s always my pleasure, K.

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