Friday Night Jukebox

It’s the last Friday of June, National Pride Month. I couldn’t resist a jukebox poem to get everyone ready to celebrate love, life, and the freedom to pursue all the desires of the heart.

Happy Friday!

“Dancing to the Water Jukebox” by Anita Rodriguez. Used with her permission.
Visit her on facebook.

Follow the neon rainbow
to the oldie pot of gold.
Pop in your coin
and watch the dance floor explode.

Float around in ecstasy
What are you lookin’ at?
Don’t stop me now
Twist and Shout
‘cause I’m coming out
Mr. Fahrenheit
2 Step all night.

Shooting star
leap through the sky

A tiger
strike at least one pose
before you die.
Dance on air
something better than
you are today
Like a Prayer.
groove is in the heart.


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