Topless Thursday

White bralette of clouds

holds the bosom in the sky.

I take my daily X-ray

without a vest,

and ask myself later

if it was my unspoken

wish to die.


  1. Lovely imagery, K. I was just thinking about something similar the other day after having an X-ray of my neck. What happened to those vests we used to where? Hmm. Happy weekend, my friend.

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      • Ah, I don’t know, maybe it was a charade. I almost asked when I got my X-ray, then didn’t. Oh, thank you, K. It’s much better than it was. Thank you. I’m looking forward to a few days off.

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      • It’s eerie you said that because a part of why X-rays were on my brain is that I had a dental X-ray impromptu-style last week and the hygienist didn’t use a vest. I only realized it when she sat me up and it was Siri g there across from me. Free radiation for all these days, I suppose. Happy Friday, Jeff.

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