Do You Think?

Do you think you can tell
the knife from the gun,
thick forest from seas,
the ticks from the fleas,
or are the details make-believe?

Do you think you can smell
the armpit of sadness,
the discarded rind,
the basil muddled with lime,
or were truths tasted for the last time?

Do you think you can hear
the forgotten lyre,
the sirens hiccuping,
the looped meme,
the cliffside scream,
or are these heavy sounds drowning?

I wish you were near
to slow the sinking,
fan the warmer winds,
play the right rhythm,
teach me how to swim
in this roily sea.

Β© 2022 | K.Hartless

This was written for a Pink Floyd inspiration contest.


  1. Ahh, one of my favorite classic songs. Love that; this write reminds me of the endless and whirling nature of mind, amidst the chaos (and beauty) of life on this planet. Excellent write, K.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. 😊 This song always makes me wonder if we have the capacity to miss things and people more than we ever loved them to begin with. I appreciate these kind words, Tom. Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday.

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