Late Night Haiku

It’s that icky sort of evening when you realize your government has officially taken away your constitutional right to choose. Gender equality is looking further away than I ever imagined possible. Same bathroom, but one person’s reproductive organs are controlled by the state.


  1. When I learned of this today, a coworker and I cancelled our meeting, and just walked and talked. I’ve never been so embarrassed to be a US citizen than I am today. It’s disgusting, saddening, and angering. Thank you for this post today, K. 💜 I will be writing more letters to government officials this weekend.

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    • Me too, Jeff. Writing letters and talking more of this atrocity, it’s essential. The day others said would never come despite the many tiny steps to make it happen. I am angry and unsure of what to do. Your comment and solidarity is very comforting as I’m sure it was to your coworker. Thank you.💜

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