Late Night Haiku

It’s that icky sort of evening when you realize your government has officially taken away your constitutional right to choose. Gender equality is looking further away than I ever imagined possible. Same bathroom, but one person’s reproductive organs are controlled by the state.


  1. When I learned of this today, a coworker and I cancelled our meeting, and just walked and talked. I’ve never been so embarrassed to be a US citizen than I am today. It’s disgusting, saddening, and angering. Thank you for this post today, K. 💜 I will be writing more letters to government officials this weekend.

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    1. Me too, Jeff. Writing letters and talking more of this atrocity, it’s essential. The day others said would never come despite the many tiny steps to make it happen. I am angry and unsure of what to do. Your comment and solidarity is very comforting as I’m sure it was to your coworker. Thank you.💜

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      1. Right? We’re headed into dark and uncharted territory. Women must unite and vote the GOP out. They don’t really care about women and children. Women are essentially breeders now! The Hand Maid’s Tale has become reality. There is no stopping the Supreme Court. The coup is now complete. I worry for us all.

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      2. I agree we must look forward. To me, securing equal constitutional rights is the main loophole that needs to finally be closed. …that all women and men are create equal….

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