A Meadow Lark

A Meadow Lark

Sternum in the sky,

tell me which parts I’m missing.

I spot a backbone,

not my own, and fluffy phalanges

spread freely.

Still pond reflection

green diving into green,

soothe me with some kindness,

birds skim lime grass

the tips tickle their tummies;

they chuckle as they glean.

Virginia summer’s friendly

her May buds swoon,

limp trumpets in the

blush of June.

Gardens, intricately tasseled rugs,

blissfully unraveling

from summer’s gentle tug.

I’m fortunate to spend the day outside with my muse in this still and silent garden. I’ve brought some reading materials, including, Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women. These poems are inspiring quick bites to read, and I’m savoring each of them.


  1. lovely photos and poem and congrats for the publication; I love ‘the tips tickle their tummies’, not just for the alliteration but for its gentle tactile feeling —


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