45’s Forever

Rainy evening, no problem? Check out a classic ’45. Sit back and relax. Sometimes, life is easy like that.

Songshine Sounds

I’ve been wanting to share the joy of my 45’s collection with listeners. A rainy evening is the perfect time to grab a stack and see what happens. Aaron Neville’s 1966 original recording of “Tell It Like It Is” came on and it was just the medicine I needed.

The track includes George Davis playing baritone saxophone, Emory Humphrey-Thompson on trumpet, Deacon John on guitar,Alvin “Red” Tyleron tenor saxophone, Willie Tee on piano andJune Gardneron drum. I hope you enjoy it.

Life is too short to have sorrow. You may be here today and gone tomorrow. You might as well get what you want, so go on and live. Baby, go on and live.

Aaron Neville

The song went on to be listed No. 391 on Rolling Stone’s list of the top 500 tracks of all time. If this one brings back memories, be sure to share.

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