The Forest’s Edge

I saw this painting on the top floor of the Louvre last summer, and she’s been sitting on my camera reel ever since just waiting to be written about. Painted by French Landscapper Jean-Baptiste-Camille Carot, “Veleda” is the name of a Germanic seeress, which I discovered after writing my petite pen. If her mystery speaks to you, I invite you to join me in penning a bit of brevity, 25 words or less. If you post to your own page, please be sure to ping back here so everyone has an opportunity to enjoy your work.

Happy Tuesday!

The Forest’s Edge

Poems read at forest’s edge
are soon to be forgotten,
as I await the lover late,
with our unripe begotten,
barely veiled by stockinged trees.

© 2022 | K.Hartless

Last week’s petite pens were fabulous. If you didn’t get a chance to read them all, please do so. They are each so lovely and unique.


  1. In deep contemplation
    I see
    a breathe of tranquility, and
    sadness enveloping the trees
    within a heart bequeathed
    with a love that will never be

    Always so much fun, K. I adored you poem, “barely veiled by stockinged trees.” That’s an amazing line. 💜

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    1. Oh, how did I miss this before my prance around the woods? I love the layers here and the trees surrounding her almost guarding her in a way. Sad but serene. Thank you for penning some brevity with me. I feel very lucky to have you as a writing companion. 💜

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      1. Ah, I’m glad you found me. It’s always my pleasure to write with you. Maybe one day, we’ll write something a little longer together, though these petite pens are quite fun. 💜

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    1. I did. Only discovered him because of you~that’s why I was wandering around the top floor of the Louvre, remember? I’m sure I sent her your way before, and if not let me know. I have a few more of his still waiting to be featured.

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      1. Most people don’t make it that far, unfortunately, so well done. But I do like the realists, for example we have Constable here. I have seen lots of his in the London galleries. Though prefer Corot’s subject matter. CXould be a Tuscan thing going on there.

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  2. She does look woebegotten doesn’t she? Love how you encompass all of the image in your poem – the first four lines are a poem on their own, resting on the last scenic line.
    No prizes for guessing what prompted my train of thought:


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    1. Marion. Thank you again for commenting and writing to me on this prompt. Yes, your picture captures it brilliantly. The constitutional document lacks equality and the words that have no meaning other than bleakness and despair. Bravo.

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