Our Father, Father’s Day

It’s been a busy weekend celebrating all the father figures in my life (I am so blessed), so I don’t have my usual story time together, but I thought I’d share this Father’s Day poem from 2020 when we visited the Andech’s Monastery in Bavaria, Germany. I hope this day has been filled with love for each of you. Happy Father’s Day!

Past wooden tomes
on cobbled stones
to the mouth of the monastery
where caution signs and
masked lines lead
to baroquely painted ceilings,
gold filigreed garlands,
practice confessionals,
and stylish crucifixes
crowded together,
distracting the message
of fatherly love.
Below, the pretzels are oversalted
braids larger than our heads
served with blessed beer,
miniature golf, and religious souvenirs.
Around the corner, a half-lit playground
where two separate cultures seesaw,
collaborating, but going nowhere.
The illusion of fatherdom, salvation
a blind shaft. Still, we putter along
clapping at every hole-in-one.

© 2014 | K.Hartless


  1. This was a gorgeous tribute, K – love those vivid imprints of details that make the scene come to life! ❤ Hope you had a wonderful weekend 🙂


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