Friday Night Jukebox

Mix together music, poetry, and angst and you’ve got? Friday Night Jukebox. A new bit where I write some free verse infused with songs/song lyrics to let off some steam from the week. If you’re not in the mood for verse with an attitude (it’s not politically correct), feel free to save your quarter and move on by.

Happy Friday!

“Dancing to the Water Jukebox” by Anita Rodriguez. Used with her permission.
Visit her on facebook.

Slip a silver in my socket;
I’m taking off this planet
like a rocket.
The jukebox ain’t new,
but these songs got
something to say to you.

Wake Up!
Before you get too old
you betta’ get off your ass
and Shake Rattle and Roll.
I get it!
Can’t stop, won’t stop
out a’ control.
There’s something sick
in that hip twist.
Damn, he’s 100%!

Soul Man,
a high-class Hound Dog,
shaking those cocoa butter bits.
Yeah, I get it!
Always going for the jugular,
my everyday Mr. Regular,
and my sweet tooth
spots a brand-new confectioner.
What a tempting treat!

© 2022 | K.Hartless


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