#1 Amazon Bestseller Wounds I Healed

Dear Readers,

I am proud to announce that two of my poems: “A Period Piece,” and “The Woman” were both published today in an anthology that celebrates the power of women.

Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women is a collection of works from over 100 poets from around the world. The book is edited by #1 Bestselling Poet Gabriela Marie Milton, published by author Ingrid Wilson, and illustrated by Nick Reeves.

This collection features an emotional narrative of hurt, hell, and healing. The collection aims to bring awareness to the role women play in society and the wounds they heal.

Wounds I Healed Launch Party!

June 18th, there is a launch party starting at 10:00 a.m. est available to live-streamed at this link. I hope you can join us as poets from all around the globe will read poems from the collection. The event will be recorded so you will have a chance to view this exciting reading afterward if you are unable to join us live.

It is a magical thing when voices are able to join together to celebrate strength and community. I’m very honored to be a small part of the chorus presented in this collection. I hope you will join me in celebrating this fantastic achievement.

Kindest Regards,

K. Hartless


  1. Congratulations on getting your work published in such an intriguing anthology – not only one, but TWO! Well deserved – hope it reaches a wide audience in the coming weeks 🙂

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