The Things Unsaid

After a busy day toggling teaching and summertime parenting, I managed to find time to write a petite pen. This painting by Ron Hicks depicts the lingering suspicions of things unsaid. If their awkwardness speaks to you, I invite you to join me in penning a bit of brevity, 30 words or less. If you post to your own page, please be sure to ping back here so everyone has an opportunity to enjoy your work.

Happy Tuesday!

The Things Unsaid

Hardheaded winter
waits by the woodshed.
Back to back,
the cold limbs of lovers,
ornamental dead,
are left rooted
next to each other
to shiver and suffer
the things unsaid.


  1. I followed one of your poets over. Hope you don’t mind me adding a poem to the beautiful artwork.
    Those last two lines of your poem are wonderful


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