York Dispatch

Sunset sprawls;
Mother Earth’s
exposed crown
readies for a
careful clipping
weeded and watered,
watered and weeded.

Don’t pour tears
on serrated leaves;
summer season’s slow,
let latent buds bloom.
Carmine, ripened vine,
juicy June,
compose a spell,
sweet Camarosa,
my strawberry moon.

© 2022 | K.Hartless

Quadrille #154: Casting a Poetic Spell: Sanaa is host this stormy evening with the task of a 44-word quadrille that casts a “spell.”


  1. I absolutely love this especially; “Don’t pour tears on serrated leaves; summer season’s slow, let latent buds bloom.” The strawberry moon is upon us 😀 Thank you so much for writing to the prompt, K! ❤️❤️

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  2. Every time I see your luminous site image, looking at it wholistically, I think it’s you wearing a backwards white baseball cap. But there’s no face so Idk where this notion stems from, but anyways Here is your random comment for today😄

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    1. Yes, you don’t also see my baggy pants and babydoll tee? Lol…maybe it’s Rorschachy and I should ask each reader what they see…like a screening. Thanks for these. Random is good anytime. 😁🧢

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      1. 🌌well done, viewer. You’ve officially arrived in the hartless hallucinatory galaxy. Don’t bother to take off your too hard, you may need that rabbit soon than you think. 🪄🎩

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  3. Beautiful ode to the strawberry moon – love your rhymes, so discreet you almost don’t see them, just hear them, and the assonance, and the alliteration – oh goodness, yes, I love all of it!


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