Friday Night Jukebox

Mix together music, poetry, and angst and you’ve got? Friday Night Jukebox. A new bit where I write some free verse infused with songs/song lyrics to let off some steam from the week. If you’re not in the mood for verse with an attitude (it’s not politically correct), feel free to save your quarter and move on by.

Happy Friday!

“Dancing to the Water Jukebox” by Anita Rodriguez. Visit her on facebook.

Flip in two bucks;
nothing jingles like a
nice racked single.
Let the jukebox get you
out that rut.
Snuggle up to a
double-platinum butt.

A Savage Love
99% unavailable
but one percent low cut;
white t-shirt, high heels, braless flirt.
Don’t roll no thin blunts.
She’s A Midnight Special kinda cunt.
Get the genie out ya bottle,
All Mine, we masked from 9 to 9.
But, it’s 2 am time
that kinky kinda regret
verbally felt up.
I’m not dead yet
type electronic set.

Don’t play numb,
just crawl inside my
Possum Kindgom.
Love and music
can both be serial.
Hot legs, empirical;
this track’s Boss Material.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. Wow! You are so good at throwing in rhyme like it’s an easy freebie. It works beautifully for you. I always feel like I have to almost rule lines for syllables to get my rhymes sounding comfortable. I really like this even although it has my least favourite word in it. My favourite line is “Snuggle up to a double platinum butt”. Made me smile!

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    • Thank you, Worms. This was that right off the cuff bad for you stuff. I am trying to take the rhyme out of my verse sometimes and find it difficult it’s like my mind is as curly as my hair. Thanks for dropping by..Have a rockin’ weekend, friend.

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  2. The way you wrapped this up was great. I like the different rhythm. Never like the C word a terrible thing to call any woman but I know it is not about being proper it is all about being improper. You sure got the edge on this one. Life was hard for women back when jute boxes were around. Still are in so many ways. Blessings, Joni ❤️

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    • Yes, I get it. I almost replaced the word, but I also feel it’s a bit like the “N” word in that we need to reclaim it as ours. So, I’m hoping this piece does that, just a very little bit. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Happy Friday!

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