High-Chroma Happily Ever After

Art Seduction Contest~I Think of you in Color
Leonid Afremov

A moment more, mi amor,
to enjoy an exposed evening;
bask in a private reading.
Fertilize my carmine mind
with your beautiful behind,
hair like wandering weeds
that need gentle teasing.

Through the grassy hedge,
I stand daydreaming.
I’m the chromatic gardener
spreading swabs
tinted seedlings
across her fertile
far end fields.
Oh, the warm feeling!

To be the tawny mule
in such a rich pasture,
the ultimate, high-chroma
happily ever after.

© 2022 | K.Hartless

Open Link Night #318, June Live Edition


      1. Beautiful…I think I almost needed that..such sensuality among the destruction, you stirred me in a wonderful way, just so nice to experience lovely feelings guided by your words.


      1. It is right around the corner, but everything has already gone all mellow. I just don’t have that summer feeling. Maybe because I haven’t seen any fireflies. There must be joy hiding all around me, but I don’t seem to see it right now…

        Liked by 1 person

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