Uncertain Fate

Care for a petite pen? Très bien for a busy Tuesday. This one calls for 25 words or less to the painting by Tony Hinchcliff. I must admit, I thought of my daughter all grown up when I saw this painting, and so this vignette attempts to capture her wild ways. Please feel free to join me in some brevity. If you post to your own page, be sure to pingback here for all to enjoy.

Happy Tuesday!

Uncertain Fate

Late bloomer

dances en pointe,

gills of pleated tulle,

an angel wing mushroom.

Her growth is my decay

and to employ her aide

uncertain fate.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


    • Well, in a way, as she ages, I’m withering, I suppose…. A bit of a mushroom imagery as she grows off the wood, that is I guess me. 🤨not sure about that last but. Thanks, John.


    • Thank you kindly, Marion. I’ve never seen live ballet. I can only imagine how stunning it would be and seeing my daughter learn the art of dance, I can appreciate the beauty even more.

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