Black Myself

I’m so pleased to see my third Modern-Day Sirens article published yesterday. It’s about a tremendous new female artist, Amythyst Kiah. Have you heard of her? I’ll give you a little taste here, in hopes you’ll be compelled to visit Luna Station Quarterly and check out my entire article on this artist’s incredible journey so far. Cheers!


  1. just read the article; it’s very professionally written; full of interesting facts, including her debt to Tori Amos — who has quite a voice herself as in ‘Too Many Rivers To Cross’; fascinated by her banjo group and what it would sound like —

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    • I quite liked the “Our Native Daughters” album. If you’re not a banjo person, it might be difficult, but there is a lot of spoken word sort of poetry about the transatlantic slave trade on the album. I think you might enjoy it. Thank you for reading the article, John. It means a lot to me.

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  2. What a talented artist and amazing human being. The music is so lovely, as is your write, K. Thank you for writing this piece. I find my exposure to these artists, and their stories to be a very beautiful thing. Congratulations on this fine publication. 💜

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    • Many thanks, Jeff. These long days of the last bit of the school year are treacherous, no? I remember hearing her voice the first time and feeling like something spiritual had happened, which is always a good sign. I’m very glad you enjoyed the article. Thank you so much for these kind comments.💜

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      • You’re welcome, K. Ah, they are treacherous indeed. Spiritually moved, that is always a good sign. It’s always my pleasure. Always. 💜


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