On a Jet Plane


Clouds lean in for
kiss and ride,
our metal basket climbs,
cruises the aisles
in the sky.
I browse playlists
among the cumulus–
crinkly, plastic bags,
the kinda comfort food
for thought the right song
has, to console
letting go
on an overcrowded flight.

© 2022 | K.Hartless

Quadrille #153: Out of the Meadow’s Browse: Linda is the host at d’Verse‘s Monday Quadrille. Our task is a 44-word poem that contains the word “browse.”

Happy Memorial Day! Safe travels if like me you are returning home today.


    • Thank you, John. Yes, I wanted those clouds to be those crinkly plastic shopping bags, but 44 words is a tight leash. I’m glad at least some of it got across.


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