As Do I

This is a Late Night Poet Art of Seduction write for a rainy Friday.

I wade into her watery hair
nude, christen the morning.
Caress her camisole of clouds,
sheer and iridescent
as the flowering moon.

She is sleeping sound.
Her skin, my favorite
untouched shoreline,
is where I wish to bury
my most treasured mound.

Waves of beauty crash
in Royal Wedding bloom
around her faraway face.
I snuggle on its surface,

Hand-taming my dove,
I whisper in her ear
drenched ideas, a
precipitation of positions
that might master her.

Panting in condensation,
held at high tide,
I beg for slow evaporation
until she whimpers,
“as do I.”

© 2022 | K.Hartless


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