An Author Interview

Beautiful things are happening in my writing career. First and foremost, I have finished the second draft of my novel, Fascination. This novel is my largest writing project to date. I’m so excited to reread it this summer and work with friends to complete the story–sharpening characters and polishing the manuscript with any technical edits that remain. Fascination is a project of love that began with a need to tackle society’s mistreatment of the mentally ill. As you may have guessed, this is something that I have personally experienced along my journey.

I started researching the book almost ten years ago. And the more real-life stories I read, the more I realized society’s fascination with mental illness was coupled with a cruel aversion to it. So, I can’t wait for the book to be ready for publication so that it can start to fulfill its purpose of opening people’s eyes to prejudices and inequalities deeply rooted in our society, and ones that have for too long been forgotten. The good news is that the manuscript should be ready to query this fall. I have faith that this project will find the right path to publication.

Secondly, I had my first author interview published this week with Luna Station Quarterly. I am currently writing a monthly “Modern Muse” article for this stellar publication, and my short story “Eclectibles” is nested inside their last edition. So, if you’re interested in finding out a little bit about me and my writing journey, I would be honored if you gave this article a read.

Abundance, an overflowing of love, creativity, satisfaction, and success. These are the traits represented by the Ace of Cups. When your cup is so full, it has no choice but to runeth over. These are the truths I am realizing for myself, and the ones I wish for all of you.


  1. You go, girl! 😀 Massive congratulations for getting your short story published – submission’s such a long waiting game, but so worth it in the end! Really excited to hear how your novel unfolds in the future! ❤ Best of luck with all the final editing! I'm sure it'll look wonderful 🤓

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    • Thank you! Its that part of a project where you want to kiss it and wish it well, but it needs you to repeat all the instructions and draw a diagram of where it’s going, maybe even repack it’s bags. I’m willling to do all that work because I feel the story is worth it, but I sure love writing shorts and poetry to fill that need to create. 💜🦋

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    • Thank you, John. I hope so, too. I have a few stories searching for homes at the moment. It’s almost like their orphans right now, but I do hope to place them this year in the right publications. A collection of short stories would be such great fun, I think. I am so glad you liked the interview. Your opinion means so much to me.

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  2. you’re a writer on the rise, K. I know that now. It excites me you’re working on short stories: they are my favourite literary form, especially those of the surrealist kind 🙂

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  3. Many congratulations to you, K. I’m so happy for you, and excited to see your work get the attention it deserves. I’m also super excited about your forthcoming novel. I will be one of the first “in line” to purchase it. The interview is lovely. I also seek out bookshops while traveling, one of my fav things to do. And, I’m eager to read more from the cleric. I adored this story, as you know. Congrats again, my friend. 💜


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