This soft rainy Tuesday calls for a petite pen request. 30 words or less to Malcolm T Liepke’s painting, “A Mother’s Kiss.” I couldn’t resist writing this one, as the image reminded me of my putto son and his sideways cherub kisses. If you feel inspired, why not add a gushy dollop of brevity on top. And if you post it to your blog, be sure to ping back here so all can enjoy. Happy writing!

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 Malcolm T Liepke “A Mother’s Kiss” 


“Give mommy a kiss.”
But you always give me cheek.
Pudgy, wet cherub,
dripping from bathtub,
as from my womb.
Show me mercy!
Spread your wings and
glide towards sleep.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. Wow… few words, yet so profound and contain such a depth.
    Makes me long to hold my child in my arm (as of now its safely in my womb.. ❤️)
    Thank you for sharing! And of course, kisses and love to your little angel.

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    • How exciting, Simone. 💜Yes, you have many of these moments ahead and I can’t wait to hear about them all from your talented pen. Oh, the baby days. So inspiring. So exhausting. I’m so happy to be a mommy.

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    • Thank you kindly, Worms. Where does the time go? I wish I could jump back to this moment (with strict assurances I could come straight back) and have one baby cuddle time. Covid has all the babies in hiding, and it’s been ages since I’ve held one.


    • Way to capture that feeling of belonging and familial toes. I love this beautiful description of a special bond. Thank you for sharing your brevity with me. I am so honored that you chose to write alongside me. 💜🦋

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      • I’m so happy you enjoyed it. There is something about these brevity poems that resonates with me, and, of course, being here with you, is a large reason I choose to participate. It’s always my honor and pleasure, K. 💜


  2. Aah. Lovely. And that painting captures that feeling so wonderfully. I can still (just about) remember that overwhelming feeling when holding my little ones…

    Wriggle and
    smell and
    soft and
    hair and
    catch in my heart and
    hold and hold and hold.

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