The Body Is A Well


I’m pleased to share with all of you two of my poems, The Body is a Well and Soul Vacation, were published today at Humans of the World (HOW). In a planet more divided than ever, HOW seeks to display literature from people of all different backgrounds, and I’m so pleased to add my voice to their fresh crop of writers. A huge thank you to Jason Navi for selecting my poems for publication.

These poems are part of my journey to understand the relationship between the physical body and the spirit. A journey that I am still on, and so it is wonderful to have these words selected for publication to further the conversation. Here is a segment of a lecture I stumbled upon around the same time as writing these verses.

My Body is a Well

The body is a well.
Flesh, the sacred source of water,
and solemn each hand that draws
wisdom from the waist.

Each motion is monastic:
ebb of elbows,
swirl of scapulas,
flow of forearms,
all divine parts of humankind.

Raw pleasures flow here.
Drink desire from this well
that reflects back at each of us
the seraphic self, gateway to all.

I would be most honored if you would visit HOW to finish reading this poem. I’d truly love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Soul Vacation

When I escape the tomb of my body,
I’ll wander the streets of Savannah,
Fried green tomato friends,
meet with you in our outdoor living room,
breeze speaking for me, a vox humana.

When my soul takes its long vacation,
I’ll serenade the Grand Canalazzo,
a gondolier releasing sighs while
practicing my mind’s permutations,
blowing speckled glass clouds on Morano.

I would be most honored if you would visit HOW to finish reading this poem. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Happy Friday!


  1. Amazing news! ❤ Congratulations on getting them officially published – glad you found a second home for them 🙂 Submission's a long slog but worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the notion of the body being a well – we can draw as deep as we like, some people draw deeper than others. Beautiful capturing of what we are, and imaginings of the journey beyond. Congratulations on being published again.


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