I Flew Down Under

I flew down under in my dreams.
I know ‘cause I came back with a receipt.
Paid for some formal education in Sidney,
a nice room at Hotel Straya.
Snags on the barbie
for me and my bogans,
and after the piss up,
I even picked up
the tab with

This morning I’m flogged,
‘flat out like a lizard drinkin’,
with unpacked bags
from my midnight walkabout.
Got some credit card clogs,
swimming nuddy in the swag.
One hell a’ trip, even lost my togs.

© 2022 | K.Hartless

Woke up with some flagged charges from overnight. Apparently, I took a bender of a trip to Oz’ so I thought I’d write about it. Luckily, all is sorted.


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