Don’t Be Coy

A petite pen to tide over a tough Tuesday. 30 words or less to the artwork below. If you feel inspired, join me in some brevity.

“Don’t be coy,”
they tease,
as I graze fingernails
against their scales
convinced the pond
of passion isn’t deep
enough to let them swim
inside of me.


    1. I was thinking of the patronizing phrase and then the woman testing the men as koi, but maybe in thirty words, it didn’t quite come off. 😂or maybe I just needed to add tentacles.

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      1. I thought it was just a simple sexy poem but I’m not always the most perceptive. I encourage to throw off the thirty word shackle of the prompt and give yourself the space to explore the metaphor/pun.

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  1. There’s something about the sea
    I see
    It’s a part of me
    Hibernating within
    I glimpse the fishes whim
    While cascading water makes me feel trim

    Love your poem, K. A delightful dance of poetry tonight. Thank you. 💜

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    1. Oh, this is beautiful, friend. You’re introspection awes me. I like the playful “whim” of the fish and then the observation that the water is also playful. You’ve nailed it. 👏👏⭐️

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      1. I will try posting here: Coy Bubbles 🫧
        I watch from below; you above.
        Looking for a sea of rainbows for you to follow and me to catch you fall.
        I hear you in the ocean’s bubbles 🫧 a lover’s call.

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