A Sulky Sleep

Grumpy skies,
cranky flat cloud
forms my pillow;
tucked to one side.
Thunder grumbles
as letdown lightning strikes.

pins and needles,
my sullenness pours.
Gurgling gutter,
I’m pulled under
an ill-tempered tide.

My tension to keep
in a sulky sleep.

© 2022 | K.Hartless

Sarah hosts today’s Quadrille at dVerse. Incorporate the word sleep into a 44-word poem.


    • I’d like to think I’m able to let things go before bed, as advised, but I admit it’s not so. Heavy bags sometimes follow me on my nightly hikes. Thanks for reading and commenting, Rob.


  1. I love to hear how weather makes different people feel. I know people who absolutely love thunderstorms and those who are upset by them, and then those who feel discouraged when they occur. Applies to pretty much any weather. Nice poem!

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    • Thank you. Yes, the weather does seem to wave its magic wand and cast its spell on our days. I enjoy the rain, but over a long period of time, I definitely feel a gloominess set in. I appreciate you reading and commenting on this poem.

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