The Straw That Broke

A petite pen request for 30 words or less to artwork by Malcolm T. Liepke. If you feel inspired by the misery and ecstasy captured in this painting, raise your pen, and share your brutal brevity. If you post a response, please be sure to ping me back so I don’t miss it.

Happy Saturday!

Malcolm T. Liepke “All Alone”

The Straw That Broke

Poke my eyes out.
Crush my head.
Rejection is oppressive,
a camel crossing desert,
whipped, but never fed.
I hear lips smack, but
he don’t care if I drop dead.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. An awesome and painful write, K. Here’s mine.

    Feelings arise in
    Places I’ve never been
    As mind takes in
    Sensitivity, the flowers grim
    Smiling from the wind
    While Head and heart
    Explore the soul within

    It’s always so much fun to do these with you, when something comes up. Lovely. Happy weekend, K. 💜

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