Let The Good Times Roll

Flashback Track #58 asks us to use a track title from the 1978 album “The Cars” to create inspiration for a new post. Here’s my go at it. Be sure to tune in to Songshine tomorrow morning for a new flashback challenge.

When my father’s new grill arrived, I knew I’d found it. The perfect ride. Sturdy, heavy-duty, built to last. I waited for just the right moment to ask for it. You know, the second right after all the parts had been carefully unloaded and unwrapped but before any frustrations brewed about what piece went where.

“Hey, Dad. Can I have the box?

A simple question, but Dad barely heard me ask it as he was busy basking in his long anticipated new grill. He waved his hand, instructed me to throw away all the extra plastic packaging while I was at it.

A small price to pay for glory. After dealing with the trash, I held the box triumphantly overhead and marched it around the house. The sight of it acted as a beacon instantly summoning all of the neighborhood children to our front stoop, for what was about to take place was the ultimate in pre-pubescent thrills.

Each kid lined up to get their turn. Those at the front of the line were expected to do their part, fold the lid panels secure and give the box a few good pushes so it could accelerate smoothly down the incline into the ditch that ran the edge of the road.

A kid could ride solo or pair up with their favorite other kid for a partner ride. Most opted for a forward push but a few kamikazes requested a backward ride.

No two rides were ever the same.

As the mastermind, I was given the first spin. Brain cells well-spent as I braced my arms and feet against the edges of the box ready to be the first of many to let the good times roll.


  1. Men and barbeque grills, a match made in Heaven! A girlfriend gave me this album from a real record store when I was in high school, in 1979. Ahhh the memories! 🔥❤️

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    • Yes, that hasn’t changed, has it? Oh, what lovely memories…a real record store and real girlfriend. I have this record in my collection still. Thank you for sharing, John. 💜


    • Oh wonderful. Haven’t heard that tune in forever. 🎶My children also love a good box, although I’m thankful they haven’t discovered it’s capacity to cart them dive hills yet. Thanks for reading and connecting with this micro-memoir.

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    • Really. I take it they don’t advertise that one on the sign when you enter Ohio? 😂 Yes, the cars, good for a long drive or an improv living room dance party.


      • Benjamin Orr is buried outside of Cleveland I believe. I will have to make a road trip one day. I live hour SW of Columbus, Ohio.

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