Sabotaged Day

Philadelphia May 6th, 2022

A sabotaged day–
sky blends with cement,
good intent bloated,
a swirl of Earl Grey;
the city is an ashtray.

Thought I stubbed out
your twisted face,
the daily heart attacks,
blew your lingering
smoke away.

Now, I’m on the triple bypass
highway, thinking, love is carcinogenic,
and I’m an iron-lung cynic
pulling away,
no dragging away.

Still, the city’s smokestacks
sure are sexy,
and secretly,
I want the city
to pollute me.

Poison is the prize
when Philadelphia lies
below a grey wig disguise.


    • Thank you kindly, Misky. It was the perfect twig to get this fire started. I’m sorry I didn’t get around to a food poem. Tuesday’s are brutally busy, but I really enjoyed reading all the responses. 💜


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